Flamenco del Lago is a nonprofit under the direction of Katie Sheen Abbott, who's studied Flamenco for many years (in Maryland, Zurich, and with Solange Gomes in Utah) and most recently in Sevilla, Spain. She teaches flamenco classes in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah for all ages and abilities. Try a class today! Vamo' ya!

In 2014, Katie moved to Sevilla to study with the world's best dancers. It was the scariest thing she's ever done! During that time there were many tears, aching muscles and blistered feet, but she emerged more determined than ever to pursue her dream of teaching and performing Flamenco. Katie is eternally grateful to the many maestr@s that taught her in Spain, including Luisa Palacio, Angel Atienza, Milagros Mengíbar, Javier Barón and El Choro. During the pandemic she's been studying online with Concha Jareño. She loves sharing her passion for flamenco with the community and is grateful for the opportunity to bring the art of flamenco to her students.

Our flamenco classes are for dancers aged 4 to 74 and our students come from all over the world: Mexico, Russia, Uruguay and Utah! ¡Olé!

Flamenco del Lago es una organización dedicado al flamenco instrucción y espectáculos profesionales en Salt Lake City, Utah. Katie Sheen Abbott es una bailaora y la directora del Flamenco del Lago. Estudió flamenco para mucho años y más reciente en Sevilla, España.

Estudió flamenco con maestr@s como: Luisa Palacio, Milagros Mengibar, Angel Atienza, Javier Barón y El Choro! Katie habla Español y ella es muy apasionada de todas las cosas del Flamenco y esta pasión es muy evidente en sus clases y espectáculos! Venga!

Contact us: katie@flamencodellago.com